Shutters have become one of the most popular window trends in recent years favoured by interior designers and consumers who love the sophisticated “plantation” or “coastal” style products.

Shutters not only look fantastic within a room but also provide a stunning external appearance for homes of all ages. Beautiful in almost any window, shutters work with all décor styles from traditional to contemporary.

Let us introduce Faux Wood shutters, this unique product offers an affordable and stylish alternative to real wood shutters with lots of extra benefits for humid rooms like bathrooms and kitchens.

There are many reasons that Shutters have grown to be a popular product for window coverings as they offer so many benefits:

  • Shutters deliver great looking windows with a sophisticated sense of style that compliment all decor styles from traditional to contemporary.
  • Simple child safe opening and closing system.
  • Excellent heat and light control with ventilation.
  • Shutters can also create more privacy than curtains or blinds but still allow natural light and fresh air when needed.
  • They are also easy to measure and simple to install and can be fitted inside the window frame.

Faux Wood Shutters offer lots of extra benefits:

Faux Wood Shutters have the same appearance as real wood and are made in the UK so can be delivered with 10 days.

They are 100% Eco friendly - produced from engineered wood substitute so they are resistant to moisture - perfect for kitchens, bathrooms or conservatories as they won’t warp crack or fade with moisture or excessive heat or sunlight.

Another key features for humid rooms is that Faux Wood Shutters are non-porous they won't mildew or mold plus they will protects furniture, flooring from fading with 99% protection from harmful UV rays when louvers are closed

Faux Wood Shutters are non-porous, so they won't mildew or mold, especially relevant when placed in a humid room. They will also protect furniture and flooring from fading with 99% protection from harmful UV rays when louvers are closed.

Made to your exact specification for a perfect fit and years of enjoyment, our Faux Wood Shutters are British made and are child safe.

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