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In the UK there is a growing trend to go up in the world. From simple attic conversions to elaborate roof designs, our desire to extend our homes into the loft remains undiminished.

However, it is believed that a horizontal window lets in 3 times more light than a vertical window. Quite often this brings fantastic advantages and makes for a beautiful living space bathed in natural light. However sometimes this light may not be so welcome, for example when you want the children to stay asleep on those early, light summer mornings!

It doesn’t matter what purpose the extra loft room is used for UK Blinds can offer the perfect solution for energy efficiency, light control and sound absorption.

The stunning range of textures and fabrics (including black out), work beautifully on both skylights and traditional windows in your favourite styles and colour. Even if your loft has a very high skylight UK Blinds can install blinds with motorised options that let you control your blind with a remote control.

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