Luxury Blinds that are easy on the eye and the pocket?

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In life there always seems to be a compromise…

High heels that look fabulous but hurt like crazy, chocolate cake that tastes delicious but makes you pile on the pounds…… the list goes on, it seems every plus has a potential compromise.

Interiors often present a similar challenge. Stylish fabric sofas get attacked by sticky fingers, budgets are busted before a room is half finished and hard wearing often does not mean best looking.

So it is with great pleasure we present the Laminated Roller Blind, it is packed with many benefits without any pain. The luxury finish of a Roman Blind with the practicality of a Roller Blind, made with almost any fabric choice from our extensive range or even something you have selected from a quirky street seller. Speedy production with a quality finish and personalised pulls that add a touch of elegance - this blind offers a vast range of benefits that create a focal point in a room.

Many of our customers don’t know this service exists – so we are happy to share the secret of low cost luxury that delivers on practicality.